We note that while some people like and enjoy intense online expressions of affection, divorce and break up rates increase daily and there are people seeking for their perfect match who vent their frustrations or desires through updating their personal page status. We also found that there are people who actually blame technology for losing their partner! We talked to a psychologist expert in the field, with couples married or just committed; with divorced, single and widowed men and women. And we asked some teenagers who are just experiencing their first romantic crushes and with seniors who remember with nostalgia the partner who passed away before them, but who they still feel very present without the need of any kind of messaging device. Their love is never-ending. These were the answers we received to our questions. Of course, mostly we got them online using social media. One has to be consistent with the times. Many couples defined love as a gut feeling that is also rational, where happiness, respect and non-judgmental acceptance of the beloved become the basis of the interaction.

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